Changes Due to COVID-19:

Ok, so we are sorta open. The doors are going to be locked, because we need to #flattenthecurve but we are able to fulfill your wishes, delivered right to your door.

If you order anything from our website, a box of stuff or a built bike* will show up on your doorstep. If you order a bicycle on the Specialized website using their Click & Collect feature, your favorite shop (yes, Action Wheels) will be credited with your purchase & we will deliver it to your doorstep*. (Assembled & ready to ride!) 6’ social distancing rules apply.

To schedule no contact repair drop off or pickup at the back door call 856-468-5115 

If you don’t find something on our site, or if you have a question, or a repair issue, shoot me an email at, so we can make your life complete.

Thank you! 

#shoplocal #actionwheelsbikes #saveyoursanityrideabike #sendyourkidsoutsidetoride

*bicycle delivery distance within reason (tbd) we know we have customers in other states

Explore With Gravel Bikes

Leaves flap in the cool forest breeze as you roll from pavement onto an empty backroad. Dappled sunlight and the crackling white noise of dirt flowing beneath your tires invigorate your cadence while the sounds of the city fade behind you. Set your course on a new horizon — this is gravel riding.

Indoor Trainers