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What's On Sale

Want to scan everything we have on sale? If we have it in our store, and it's on sale, you'll find it  here. Some items are one-of-a-kind or in short supply. What you see could be gone quickly and may not be listed elsewhere on our site. If you're interested in something listed here, call 856-468-5115, email or stop in. Be sure to tell us you found your item on our What's-On-Sale-List

Product No. Manufacturer Description Reg. Price Sale Price Location
CLCLST00175016 SPECIALIZED SL PRO SHORT WMN NEON PNK/BLK $160.00 $96.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLHE00116010 SPECIALIZED AMBUSH HLMT CPSC MXORG SPEED S $180.00 $145.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLHE00150015 SPECIALIZED AMBUSH COMP HLMT CPSC RED L $120.00 $95.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPACR00110005 RaceFace RF 36T Light Bash GuardBlack 1 $39.00 $26.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLJE00237 Profile Design, LLC BW Noble Jersey M $65.00 $39.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00020006 Specialized SHASTA TOP SS WMN CRL HTHR XS $55.00 $33.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00020016 SPECIALIZED SHASTA TOP SS WMN LTTUR HTHR X $55.00 $33.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00020017 SPECIALIZED SHASTA TOP SS WMN LTTUR HTHR S $55.00 $33.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00020021 SPECIALIZED SHASTA TOP SS WMN DARK REV CAM $55.00 $33.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00020022 SPECIALIZED SHASTA TOP SS WMN DARK REV CAM $55.00 $33.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPAHB00103 Specialized PLASTIC P.PEDAL AXLE SPIN CONT $60.00 $40.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPAPD00123007 iSSi ROAD PEDAL CARBON MINT GELATO $100.00 $60.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACSE00058 DELTA LOCK DELTA WHEEL KNOXNUTS F&R $40.00 $24.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACBG00025 Hawley Company, Inc. EVOC FR LITE PACK 10L SMALL $150.00 $99.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACTL0086 ProGold Chain Gauge ProGold $22.00 $18.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00084001 Specialized DEFROSTER TRAIL MTB SHOE BLK 3 $200.00 $150.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00084017 Specialized DEFROSTER TRAIL MTB SHOE BLK 4 $200.00 $150.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00084018 Specialized DEFROSTER TRAIL MTB SHOE BLK 4 $200.00 $150.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00155015 Specialized SW 6 RD SHOE BLK 46/12.25 $400.00 $275.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACWB00082 Topeak VERSACAGE RACK WITH VERSAMOUNT $25.00 $19.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACWB00086 MSW AC-210 ALL-AROUND WATER BOTTLE $22.00 $16.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLHE00014008 SPECIALIZED SW PREVAIL II HLMT CPSC BLK/HY $225.00 $175.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLHE00018006 SPECIALIZED AMBUSH HLMT CPSC DYNPTHR L $180.00 $145.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLHE00018011 SPECIALIZED AMBUSH HLMT CPSC WHT/ACDPNK FA $180.00 $145.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLHE00020015 Specialized TACTIC 3 HLMT CPSC BLK L $75.00 $55.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLHE00023002 SPECIALIZED SW EVADE II HLMT CPSC $250.00 $195.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLHE00116006 Specialized AMBUSH HLMT CPSC WHT LOGO L $180.00 $145.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLHE00116009 SPECIALIZED AMBUSH HLMT CPSC HYP GRN SPEED $180.00 $145.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLHE00130006 SPECIALIZED AMBUSH HLMT CPSC TUR/HYP L $180.00 $145.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PABR0013 Avid Disk Brake Rr Juicy Carbon $250.00 $175.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PABS0009 Jagwire Brake Pads JAG Elite Road $20.00 $12.50 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00210062 SPECIALIZED SW 6 RD SHOE BLK/RED 38/5.75M/ $400.00 $275.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00210063 SPECIALIZED SW 6 RD SHOE BLK/RED 39/6.5M/8 $400.00 $275.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
05-00447 Specialized Bicycle Bottle Specialized 24oz $5.00 $4.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACFE00012 TOBA FENDER FARRELL BLACK TOBA $60.00 $50.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACLI00010 TACX LUMOS BICYCLE LIGHT TACX $30.00 $20.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACMA00006 Action Bicycle USA AEROSOL LUBE ORONTOS $14.00 $10.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACPU00035 Action Bicycle USA PUMP ACTION DIGITAL FLOOR $40.00 $30.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACPU00054 Specialized AIR TOOL MTB CO2 MINI PUMP POL $55.00 $33.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00022001 SPECIALIZED ANDORRA DRIRELEASE TEE WMN BLK $35.00 $21.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00022004 SPECIALIZED ANDORRA DRIRELEASE TEE WMN BLK $35.00 $21.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00022009 SPECIALIZED ANDORRA DRIRELEASE TEE WMN CAR $35.00 $21.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLJE00022014 SPECIALIZED ANDORRA DRIRELEASE TEE WMN TUR $35.00 $21.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPABL00014 Quality Bicycle Products/C.C. FORCE CX1 LEFT LEVER FOR CABLE $100.00 $75.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPAHS0026001 Stolen Parts Stolen Black Insider(45X45) In $39.00 $30.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPAPD00124 ECLYPSE TERRA-SPORT 6 ECLYPSE $65.00 $44.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPAPD00125 ECLYPSE TERRA-SPORT 5 ECLYPSE $60.00 $40.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACWB00019 Elite SRL ELITE CORSA TEAM BOTTLE 550ML $8.50 $7.50 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACCP00024 Action Bicycle USA BIKASE MINI TABLET HOLDER $30.00 $20.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACMI00017 Bicycle Technologies Internati FATTY OBJECT INFLATOR $35.00 $30.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACCP00057 CATEYE STEALTH 10 CC-GL10 $120.00 $89.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
ACACCP00095 Quality Bicycle Products/C.C. GARMIN EDGE REMOTE $50.00 $39.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00141010 Specialized TORCH RD SHOE WMN BLK/EM GRN R $125.00 $90.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPASH0045 Shimano Brake lever+shift lever set $100.00 $60.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLSH00007009 Specialized TORCH RD SHOE WMN BLK 41 $125.00 $80.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPAWH00107 SALT PLUS MESA FRONT 20 WHEEL AERO RIM $149.00 $79.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00069019 Specialized SPIRITA RD SHOE WMN WHT/PNK 40 $100.00 $50.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLTI00004 Pearl Izumi USA Inc. PI Select Thermal Jersey M $100.00 $60.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
CLCLSH00162002 Specialized EMBER WMN RD SHOE WHT/EMDGRN 3 $160.00 $120.00 Wenonah (Deptford)
PAPAFW0040 SRAM Red OG-1090 10spd 11-25 $250.00 $225.00 Wenonah (Deptford)