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Action Wheels Bike Shop Service Rates
Maybe your bike doesn't need a full tune-up or overhaul? Whatever your service needs, we can take care of you!


Box Bike for Shipping$75
Assemble Boxed Bike$75
Custom Bike Build$135-$195

Bottom Bracket & Cranks

Adjust BB$13
Ohaul BB
Install BB$28
Install Crank Arm$16
Install Crank Set$36
Install BMX 3Pc$28
Helicoil Crank Arm$26
Tap Crank Arm (Ea)$14


Brake Adjust
Adjust Gyro Brake $20
Bleed Hydr Disc$32
Install Hydr Disc (Ea)$44
Hydr Caliper Ohaul$36
True Disc Rotor$8

Chains & Cassettes

Install Chainring (Ea)$10
Install Chain$10
Install FW or Cassette$10


Adjust Derailleur$14-$20
Align Derailleur Hanger$14
Adjust Internal Gear Hub$12
Install Derailleur$24

Frame Prep

Tap & Face BB Shell$32
Face Headtube$32
Mill Fork Crown$19
Helicoil Hanger$30
Hone/Ream Seat Tube$18

Headset & Fork

Adjust Headset$10
Ohaul headset$42
Install Headset$44
Bare Frame HS Install$20
Install Fork$65
Install Crown Race$6
Cut Steerer$12


Install Pedals$6
Adjust Pedal (Ea)$10
Ohaul Pedal (Ea)$20
Basic Cleat Install$10

Stems & Bars
Seats & Posts

Install Seat$6
Install Post$8
Install Dropper External$28
Install Dropper 
Install Handlebar$28
Install Stem$16
Install Clip On Aero Bar$22
Shorten Bars
Tape Bars$15
Install Grips$6
Install Star Nut$8


Minor Fork Service$50
Major Fork Service$88
Rear Shock Ohaul$60
Replace Rear Shock$18
Ohaul Shock Linkage$60


Adjust Hub$9
Front Hub Ohaul$30
Rear Hub Ohaul$34
Coaster Brake Ohaul$39
Internal Gear Hub Ohaul
Freehub Ohaul Surcharge$8

Tires & Tubes

Install Tube/Tire Wheel On$18
Install Tube/Tire Wheel Off$12
NoTubes Installed Wheel On$24
NoTubes Installed Wheel Off$18
Tape Tubular Tire
Glue Tubular on Clean Rim$80
Glue Tubular w Cleaning$99


Wheel True - Lateral$16
Wheel True - Radial & Lateral$24
Wheel True - Major
Wheel Build & Tension$89


Install Non-Cadence Computer$16
Install Cadence Computer$28
Install Rear Rack$20
Install Child Carrier$32
Install Kickstand$6
Install Training Wheels$15
Install Fenders$38
Install Roof Rack$65
Set Up Head Unit$28
Set Up Smart Trainer


Tune Up$125
 Tune Up w/Drivetrain Clean$160
Tune Up w/Brake Bleeds$175
Complete Overhaul$300
Drivetrain Clean$50
Light Tune