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It all starts with a weeknight 'D' ride. It's a 12-14mph average pace for a 15 mile distance. Our leader will teach you group riding skills, help you with shifting, and regale you with entertaining banter.  The next move is to our C group. This is a slightly faster pace, 14-16mph average, on our 22 mile weeknight loop. Your group ride skills get honed here at a comfortable pace. The increased distance builds your endurance. 
The next leap is often accomplished by doing the first part of the B+ ride and dropping back to B to finish the ride. You work your way up to completing this 29 mile loop which often averages 20+mph. When summer days are longer, we sometimes change up the B+ by rocking a 35 mile loop.  We have an A ride, as well. It's fast and furious, with no waiting for stragglers. It's not for the faint of heart. You'll know you're ready if you can do B+ easily while chatting.